Heirloom Line

This portrait level is fully customized to each client's wishes. It includes a professional photo session and a personalized consultation and interview. This method of portrait painting allows me to capture the best representation of the person's personality and essence. I even personalize the background to reflect their personality! This portrait is a legacy piece and will be an important part of your family's history. I have limited bookings available so please reach out as soon as possible if you are interested. 

What you can expect:

- oil realism on a linen canvas. Sizes are from 18 x 24 and larger

- a consultation before the photo session to discuss your ideas for the painting

- a meeting with the person so I can take notes on eye color, hair color, and have a short interview

- a personalized photo session and discussion with the client to determine the best photo for the portrait

- unveiling brunch at your home. I provide champagne, fresh fruit, and pastries for your guests to enjoy

18 x 24  $1950 plus tax (one subject)

24 x 30 $2650 plus tax (one subject)

24 x 36  $2950 plus tax (one subject)

30 x 40 $3750 plus tax (one subject)

Inquire now! Phone (919) 510-0186. Email: tommycamera@gmail.com